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Happy Customers

Absolutely amazing little fan!!!

Brings its own charger and easy to use. Just put around your neck and switch on. Yes, it also lights up. I had it on me all day at the park, of course not ON the entire time. Only when I was outside in the heat. It lasted all night and lighting it up during the fireworks was a definite plus.

So cute. Wasn’t too tight.

Perfect for leggings and can tuck in to make shorter with jeans. Someone compared it to a much more expensive tank top that my friend was wearing. Definitely worth the price. I’ve already worn it numerous times under different sweaters and it’s not even warm enough yet to wear on its own.

These are absolutely great!!

I am soooo happy with this purchase!
I live on the 3rd floor and there is absolutely no pressure up here. It was just a tiny little puss stream, so annoying. Now I have a soft, regular stream. I love it. I wonder why I didn't try that before. Really worth it!

An outstanding product.

Practical design that solves a real problem. I can store all my food and staples neat and tidy and close at hand. With the same tiny little space I can keep an ample supply of food at all times. The extending feature is the most amazing part as you press it down you can actually feel the air is being squeezed out. I feel like I take back my home.

---Catherine Mcgunnigle about products/airtight-adjustable-storage-container

Work Great! Highly recommend!!

These worked perfect for making hot cocoa/chocolate bombs! They were shipped and arrived quickly. The material seemed to be good quality. Easy to wash, no odd smells, not too think or overly thick. I had no issues using this mold. I just wished I would have bought more than one set ...would’ve saved me more time. I highly recommend this mold set.

This tape is STRONG!

This tape is STRONG! I know it says you can wash and reuse it, but it's SO strong I'm not sure how anyone gets it off once it's on! I used it to mount ceramic planters to my RV walls and color me impressed, because these guys aren't going anywhere. I will buy more of this stuff for sure.